Susan B. Anthony

Che'kelia Lawrence

Susan B. Anthony Life

Susan B. Anthony was born in Massachusetts and she was born to a Quaker Community. She was allowed to have a education beginning at a young age. Susan worked for equal rights for women that couldn't vote. She met Elizabeth Cary Stanton and they made sure that women were treated like men. People believed that Susan could do the same work has men and get paid the same wages. Susan said" I think the girl who is able to pay her own way and earn her own living should be as happy as anybody on earth." Susan B. Anthony was Brave, Diligent, ,and Hard Working.

Frederick Douglass Life

Frederick Douglass was born a slave on February 1818. At first his mother named him Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. Frederick Douglass's mother was named Harriet Bailey. People said that he was Captain Aaron Anthony, his first owner. He didn't know who is father was, but he knew he was white.After Frederick was born he had to live with his grandmother. His grandmother name was Betsey Bailey. After he had to live with his grandmother he only got to see his mother four or five times. His mother died when he was seven years old.When Frederick was six he had to go back to his master house and get to work. He was almost naked. He didn't have nothing to wear, but a long white cloth that stoped at his knees. He was wakened by a slave being whipped , but the first time it was his Aunt Hester. He hid in a closet because he was frightened.

Mary Mcleod Bethune

Mary Mcleod Bethune was born on July 10, 1875 in Mayville s.c. She finshed school at Scotia Seminary and moved to Chicago. Mary had opened her own school in Florida in 1904. She said "Everyone deserves an education . She also said" Everyone can have learn regardless of the color of their skin.