Ender's Game

No one is just a child anymore.

Why Ender?

Ender Wiggin is a hero of new dimensions. He is a genius, he is his own villain, he is looking for childhood in a place where children are soldiers. Ender will speak to the part of all of us that doesn't understand why we act the way we do. Even though most of us don't fight aliens we all have a little bit of Ender in us. It only makes sense to understand how much we are like the children at Battle School, a place for a different kind of childhood.

Praise For Ender's Game

Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards

Recipient of Margaret A. Edwards Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Writing for Teens

"Card has taken the venerable sf concepts of a superman and interstellar war against aliens, and, with superb characterization, pacing and language, combined them into a seamless story of compelling power. This is Card at the height of his very considerable powers—a major sf novel by any reasonable standards."—Booklist

Ender's Game was published by TOR