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Fast Facts

Continent = Europe


Population=61,855,120 ( rank23)

Area=116,348 (rank71)

Main Languages=Italian

Main Religions=Christian, Roman Catholic

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.=4498.75 miles


Soccer in Italy the teams wear the colors of their home city's flag. Italy's National Soccer Team has won many times. After games in Italy people celebrate in the street. They yell and honk their horns to celebrate.


The climate in Italy varies by region. Summers in the south can get up to 104 F. Italy has a lot of mountains and winters are cold and rainy. The rest of the Country has moderate summers.


In Italy buses and trains are expensive. They also have subways for transportation. A lot of families have at least 1 car. In 2011 people in Italy bought more bikes then cars.


In Italy breakfast is usually light. Lunch or dinner contains pasta, fish or meat and vegetables. In the north people eat pasta and rice as part of their main meal. Sauces usually vary by regions.


In Italy families help each other and in the north families have one to two children. In the south families are usually larger. Only half of women in Italy work outside their home Men expect women to care of them and care for the family.

Things I would like to do in Italy

I would like to try their pasta

I would like to go to a soccer game

I would like to see the holidays and traditions they celebrate

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