balancing our needs with nature

By: Karis R., Raegen M., Emma D., and Hannah S.

Constructive Effects

If we built schools we will have more schools for students. If we built homes people will have places to live.

Stance and Justification

We are for the construction because we will have a place to live and learn.

Destructive Effects

We are taking up animals area to live. We are poulting the air so animals may die.

Propsed Solutions for the School Board.

When we build we could use recycled materials.

When we cut down trees we could plant more trees.

Build where its already developed.

What Would Happen If The School Board Accepts The Proposal

1. There will still be land for animals to live.

2.They will reduce polution.

3.More homes for humans.

What Would Happen if the School Board Does not Accept our Proposal

1. Animals would die

2. Animals would get in places they are not soposed to.

3. We would run out of oxagen.

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