News update

Flooding is over

There was a flood in Babyolinia today, as a result of a tsunami. When it went through the homes 2,000 people were killed. The flood trapped many people inside caves and their homes. Some people were even stranded on top of their homes. Many of the people who were trapped inside their houses were killed. The families cried and cried, adding to the flood.

Seals came out of the water and were killing people. No one has ever seen anything quite like this before. There must have been more than a thousand seals! Then they died because bigger floods came and washed all the seals and remaining people away.

It took more than two centuries for the flood waters to recede, and even longer for the decendents of the families to rebuild the homes. There was so much lost in the flood. Once everything was rebuilt people tried to live as if nothing ever happened. No one ever spoke of the seals or the flood. It was almost like it never happened.

WAR Mesopotamia and the surrounding city-states are at war fighting over wrights.So the citie states by each other got mad at their water rights because the other citie states were stealing all of their water.

Then they tried to prevent flooding from the other city but it wasn’t working because they did not have the right material to prevent it so they started fighting the other city again. Finally Sargon The Conquror came in to be the king and the war was over

There were farmers who had no corn or any kind of crops in Babylonia and they were wondering why one day one of the farmers stepped outside and it extremly hot outside so he back inside and told his kids and wife not to go outside because there was some kind of bad heat outside at the time they did not know it was called a drought.