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New Tax Plan for Leoni citizens

The Progressive Tax Plan

The Government of Leoni have decided to change their taxation plan by using a progressive tax plan. This means that all citizens of Leoni will still have to pay taxes. However, the more income you receive, the higher the percentage of tax you will have. So, if you barely get enough to get by, then you will barely have to pay taxes. Rich people, though, need to spend more, in order for the country to do well. Leoni needs taxes, it's their only source of income. That's why rich people should make an effort and donate to the future of their country. This is the way to go. The Government will receive more income for public goods, yet those who need them will pay less taxes.

Why this tax system?

The answer, as quoted by Leoni's Prime Minister, is that in order for people to get more jobs and have public goods, taxes are needed. Without them, the government would not recieve income. But many people are not rich enough to pay much, so this is why they chose this plan. Schools and hospitals will be created, roads will be improved and prices should hopefully go down.

According to the Government, Leoni will be a rich country in 25 years. They also said this is the system which made China explode and become the powerful nation it is now. Let's hope this is what Leoni needs.

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