Team 13 News

March 13, 2015

Think Spring, Think Spring

Some of you may have seen the news blurb on the Bald Eagle parents that weathered last week's snowstorm. We viewed the live stream in Pennsylvania last Friday, and have continued to watch how dedicated the parents are to guarding their eggs and keeping them warm.

Earlier in our reading unit our class read about the Bald' Eagle's nest being close to 15 feet wide and ten feet deep, we were all in awe. Then we read about the penguin's life cycle, and how the father tends to the egg for weeks, keeping it warm in his brood patch, we were again in awe. Now, learning about how the northwestern tribes held the eagle in high regard, students are weaving all of their knowledge together.

This week's "Question of the Week" in reading is: "How can people help an animal in danger?". This was introduced on Monday, just after Jenna shared with the class that her family recused an injured screech owl, and took it to Aark, on Upper Stump Road. The class is making great connections with their learning!

Below is the link if you would like to visit. (The eggs have been seen from the camera--students will be keeping watch to see when the hatch--it is expected to be near or around March 27th). A great lead in to our life cycles unit!

Read Across America-Continued

Thank you to all of our guest readers--this week,--Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. Landis and Mrs. Russell (accompanied by a Ninja and wolf ) visited. The class really enjoyed the books, visits, treats, and break from normal routines. It just goes to show you...we are never to old for picture books!

Oh, The Places You'll Go

We said farewell to Mrs. Dilonardo on Wendensday, with Friday being her offical last day. We are so appreciative of all the help and support she has give to our team. We wish her well as she persues her degree in teaching. We will miss you, Mrs. D.!


Garrett and Colin both met our annual reading goal early! Both boys read the Governor's recommended 25 books and then completed books projects. Keep on reading!

Dates To Remember

  • Strings Monday

  • Library Tuesday

  • A Symphony of Whales-Reading/Spelling Skills check, Wednesday, March 18th

  • Unit 8 Math Assessment: Fractions, Wednesday, March 18th

  • Multiplication Facts-timed progress check, Thursday, March 19th

  • March 20th BINGO Night, Penn Central 5:30-8:30 SOLD OUT