Westward expansion project!

Evelyn Castro 6th period

Manifest destiny

Manifest destiny is the expained as the god of nature and nations has married it for our own president Polk was know as expansionist because he wanted to expan the nation .The inventions that help them travel west was trains and wagons.
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Territoral Aquisitions

the land acquired by the United States from other nation states;the territorial acquisitions from native Americans . Treaty of Paris the reason why Polk wanted to buy the land is because he want to expand the u.s

  • Louisiana purchase-was bouth from France in 1803 and double the size of the u.s
  • Florida- purchased Florida from Spain in 1819
  • Texas annexation-Texas gained in independence from Mexico in 1835
  • Oregon territory-was bought from England in 1846
  • Mexican cession-Mexico in 1848 president Polk Mexico had to give up a large area.
  • Gadsde purchase- 1853 10 million needed this tiny area to build railroad .

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Settlers in the west

The settlers that traveled west was Chinese immigrants, 49ers, Mormons , farmers.

Some Settlers traveled west because the wanted to look for gold and other apportunities , And to search of opportunity to own more land . Some of the challenges pioneers faced as they traveled west was discriminatio (persecution) in the United States .

The trails where going to United States but they where going to California the interest people all over the world travel to California for gold and have access to the firtile farmland.

The purpose to trail west was for search a opportunity to own more land.

Oregon trail-the Oregon trail lead to a land know as the Oregon country . The country that the US acquire Oregon from was Great Britain (England) . The first settlers in Oregon was missionaries that were looking to convert Native Americans of the area to Christianity. The physical features that people would travel to Oregon counter was because they where forced to leave by May in order to avoid becoming trapped in the Rockies during the winter.

California trail- the California trail lead settles to California the country that US acquire California from Mexico after the US Mexico .many settlers travel to California because they hoped to find gold and have access to the firtile farmland.the settlers where called "49" because so many people travel to California to find gold in 1849.

Mormon trail- the Mormon trail lead to Salt Lake City, Utah . Utah was part of the Mexican cession territorial acquisition. The religious settlers travel to Salt Lake City, Utah was hoping to practice the Mormon religion freely. The Mormons travel to Utah because of religious presecution Happening in other parts United States .

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U.S Mexican war

The cause of the US Mexican war was because refused to honer it's independences .annexation of Texas as the 28th states ,Mexico did not accept Texas. President Polk wanted an excuse to go to war because Mexico didn't wanted to sell there land.