Chicken vs. Beef

Katie Dodds

Cooking methods

1). Frying-


3).Chicken Stew-

4).Braised Chicken-

5).Frozen Chicken-

Nutritional Differences- Nutrients

Beef has a superior source of potassium with 355 mg per 100 g serving. Beef also contains 5x more zinc then chicken. Chicken contains less fat then beef but the fat from the beef can be beneficial. The fat from the beef can help improve muscle growth.

-Cooking Methods

Frying is more fattening then baking due to the grease and extra calories.

Roasting chicken is healthier because by the time it's done the fat has melted away.

-White vs. Dark Poultry

Dark meat chicken is twice the amount in fat then white meat.

White meat has less calories then dark meat.