How to survive the wilderness.

By: Edith Anselma Barrrera Chavez


If you ever want to live in the wild these tips will help you survive in the wilderness. Living in the wild can be difficult because there are some skills you need to know before you go off into the wilderness. Going off into the wild involves knowing how to make your own shelter or hunting down your own food there is so much more to know so in this brochure I will tell you how to survive in the wild.

Skills to survive in the wild.

Some basic skills to live in the wild are building a shelter, making a fire, finding water, finding food in the wild, signaling for help, navigation, and like predicting the weather. For building a shelter you can make it out if sticks or you could've brought your own tent. For making a fire you find sticks and try rubbing them together to make a fire or if you brought a lighter you find tree branches that have leave pile them up light them up. To find water you can go to a close lake and of coarse the water is not purified so you can try boiling the water, and if you can't boil water you can collect the water when ever it rains. With plenty of water and a comfortable resting place, most of us can live many weeks without food. Signaling for help is hard because there will not be anybody around to help you but if you make a fire someone might see the smoke come up and might come help you. Navigating the way you go always helps finding where you want to go and come back you should have some type of map or some way to tell what direction you came from or leave some type trail that you can follow. Another skill is that you should predict the weather so you can be prepared for any type of situation.

Some things you need to go off in the wild.