Louis and Marie's Extravagant Gala

This reporter gets up in the action of this event

Well they've really done it this time!

Whilst Louis and Marie threw the bash of the century, I, as well as many French citizens sat outside starving. As we watched through the flower covered palace gates, servants paraded fresh food and drinks past us, the sweet smells wafting away. All of this happened whilst Louis and Marie sat inside, unaware and uncaring as they sipped their chocolate drinks and danced the night away! We watched the hangers-on in his court curtsy and bow, and laugh at all his jokes, and lavish presents on him and his immaculately dressed young bride. Marie Antoinette pranced and preened among the well wishers and surely tomorrow all the finest shops will be carrying a version of her new outfit. The majority of the French people, however, will only be able to look at the latest fashions while wearing torn rags. It pains me, as well as others to be forced to see this injustice happen! Thousands are starving while Marie and Louis party nights away. Why should we starve as they gorge themselves? How is this fair?

As Marie was heard to say, "Let them eat cake."

July 14, 1789 Is A Day of Infamy

Last night shots were fired by revolutionaries at soldiers standing guard at the Bastille. In the early hours of a hot July day the sun rose over the Bastille--the symbol of the Royal authority in Paris. But this would not be the case as the day went on. As afternoon approached, a crowd came together. Shouting and angry they encouraged each other on until the armed mob could no longer be contained. "End the monarchy", shouted one. "Stop the tyranny", shouted another. " We are here as representatives of the people. It is time for revolution. We need to make our city fair and just for all, we need to be free from the injustice that the Bourbons have thrust upon us" said another. The crowd was armed with stolen weapons and was angry. Initially the commander of the Bastille, Launay, said he would not fire against the protesters. Hearing this, a group of revolutionaries climbed the wall, and were joined by more and more protesters, including members of the French army. This takeover is the beginning of the end of the old way of doing things in France. Any day now King Louis himself will be seized and forced into a new way of doing government. A new France is arising.

Maries Final Interview: An inside scoop with this reporter

Just a day before Marie was sent to the guillotine, some reporters snagged interviews. I am one of the few that got one.

Q: Marie, how do you feel about being sent to your death?

M: As I had said to my sister-in-law, I am calm, as people are who's conscience is clear. I have no regrets on my life, why would I?

Q: So you never had any guilt about your starving people as you partied?

M: *Scoffs* Please, they weren't really starving, and anyways, its not me, so who cares? All that matters is that my life was full and grand. Have you seen my outfits? Tasted my chocolate? Seen my garden? Life was good until this revolution started.

Q: Did you really love Louis?

M: At the beginning of our union, there was not a lot of love. How could we love? We were 14! But, at the end of our marriage we grew very fond of each other. I miss him and my son greatly.

Q: Finally, How did you feel about your trial?

M: My trial was very unfair and extreme. Why would I do anything to my son? Anyone who has felt a mothers love knows a mother wouldn't do that. But, it's in the past, and now all that matters is the future. Now all I have to do is find a dress to die in.