Red Pandas

Red pandas are unique of their qualities, which's cool"

Q & A

Q1: What do they eat? A1: They eat berries, small mammals, small birds, small eggs, and, of course, bamboo. Q2: Where do they eat? Q3: Are they vertabrates or invertebrates? A3: They are vertebrates. Q4: What is their scientific family name? A4: Their family (scientifically) is called Aliuridae. Q5: How do they give birth? A5: The female gets babies every year from January to March. They get up to 4-6 cubs.

Final Q: How are they unique from other pandas? Surprising A: They're not actually pandas!

More cool facts about red pandas

Here they are...

1) In ancient China, they were used to be called 'the Red-Cat Bear. 2) Their scientific name is called "Aliurus fungens" 3) Their phylum is called 'Chordata'. 4) Head to body length: 50 to 64 cm. (20 to 25 in.) 5) Tail length: 28 to 59 cm. (11 to 23 in.) 6) Male's weight: 3.7 to 6.2 kg. (8.2 to 13.7 lb) 7) Female weight: 3 to 6.0 kg. (6.6 to 13.2 lb)
Red Pandas are Having Snow Much Fun - Cincinnati Zoo

They also like snow...

You like snow? Red pandas like it, too! Watch the video above to see how they have fun! (Video was posted in YouTube by the Cincinnati Zoo just for your information.)