Comanche Immigration to Texas!

By Joshua Hart Texas History 5th Period. Group: The Comanche

Arrival in Texas and more!

The Comanches were a Tribal branch of the Shoshones, who lived in the rocky mountains. They moved east to Wyoming and Nebraska, where they first used horses. Then, they rode the Great Plains warring on other tribes, and following buffalo. The Sioux and Cheyennes Tribes eventually pushed the comanches onto the southern plains, where the comanches started fighting the Apaches and Spaniards. They then arrived in West Texas around the 1720's, and by the late 1700's, they were driving the Jumano and Apaches tribes out of Texas.

Important Individual

Quanah Parker

Quanah Parker was the last leader of the Comanches, and was a great one. He was the son of Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, an Anglo girl captured during the 1836 raid on Parker's Fort, Texas. When the Texas Rangers murdered His father, his mother was recaptured and brought back to her white family. But after years of fighting the Us cavalry, He finally faced defeat, and moved into the reservation.


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Moving to and From Texas, But why?

The Comanches used to live in the Rocky Mountains, but the main reason they moved to Texas was because they were following the herd of buffalo at the time. But through the travel, they followed the buffalo to Nebraska and Wyoming, but by the end of the 17th century, they made their way to the great plains, and drove many other tribes out, And it eventually brought them to the coastal plains. But also along the way, they terrorized many other tribes, and stole captives, as you've heard of earlier.


Overall Analysis

Throughout all I've learned about the immigration of Comanches to Texas, I basically know that the Comanches came on horse, came because they followed the Buffalo, They drove other tribes out, and they terrorized everything in their way. Pretty Passive Aggressive if you ask me. But what did they REALLY effect? Well, they introduced horse training, beef jerky, and other methods of hunting and sparked ideas for invention.They affected our culture too, even though a lot of them now live in Oklahoma, they left footprints that had affected out research and history. They also liked to raid Mexico and Spain, and any other village they could see. You should've really seen how chaotic they made the Missions become. And that about sums it. Now, Who wants some more beef jerky? :D
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