Prosper Ping Pong Club

Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Gomez (


Membership Fees - $30 (for the entire year)

Maximum number of members (30 students)

Fee ONLY covers the wear & tear usage of the following equipment

- Balls

- Nets

- Paddles

- Ping Pong tables (repairs/replacements when needed)

Meeting Days/Times - Room #1134

Mondays - 4PM-6PM

Wednesday - 4PM-6PM

Why Ping Pong Club!.... Why not?

Ping Pong Club was created to give students an opportunity to unwind throughout the week; enjoying friendly competition among fellow peers and teachers alike. We do maintain a ranking/bracket system to help coordinate tournaments and bracket placement(s) throughout the year. (2 tournaments - 1 in the Fall, 1 in the Spring)