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Our First Update

Our New Smore Group

Hello! We each have a part to play in producing this newsletter. Everyone writes an article and Airi and Ethan edit them, that way it works like a real newsletter!

The Smore newsletter tells parents what's happening at school. If you read it you will never not know what's going on at school! These are the people who are participating in this month's Smore: Airi, Stephen, Ayane, Pranavi, Ethan, Elliot, Abby, and Mason.

By: Stephen C.

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Beetles in the School By Ethan Gravin

There is a certain breed of beetles that live at the school. Their name given by students is X- Bugs. You mostly find them in planters. They're about a centimeter long. They're black with either red dots on their eyes or a red dot on their back. Sometimes they look like they're connected. Rarely you can find babies. They're about 4 times as small as adults. You can hold them. I had the class vote for who likes beetles and who doesn't. We have 32 kids and 23 kids like them and 9 kids don't. Thank you for reading this Smore article about beetles.
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Exciting news on P.E.

P.E. is a thing to get exercise like push-ups and jumping jacks. Also we have fun games like kickball or soccer. When we do stretches we get in lines and start our exercise. Our stretches are: push-ups, jumping jacks, flamingos .... and so on. Also, we run laps, usually one or two. That's about it for P.E.

*Our Amazing Vice Principal

Hello E-33 parents and classmates! Today, you will learn a little more about our amazing vice principal!

  1. What interested you in becoming Vice Principal? "Being a Vice Principal gave me the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and families. I want to help children learn best and help solve problems!"
  2. Have you ever been interested in other jobs? " I was a teacher for fifteen years at three schools in the Poway Unified School District. If I wasn't a teacher, I would be sticker collector! Just kidding! I would rather be working with children!"
  3. Have you ever done a sport for a long time? "I was a cross country runner in high school for one season, but have been into bike riding ever since!"
  4. What schools did you go to as a child? "I went to Sunset Hills Elementary, Black Mountain Middle, Mt. Carmel, and Abraxas High School!"
  5. Where were you born? "I am a California girl, and I was born in Newport Beach. (But I really didn't go to the beach.)
6. When did you get your first job? "As a teenager, I sold car parts and pizzas. At age 18 I became a preschool teacher, and at age 21 I became a 4th grade teacher!"

Fun Facts

1. Ms. Watkins teaches a night class at Ashford University.

2. Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint.

3. Ms. Watkins' favorite food are nachos!

4. She has three kids and is visiting Thailand this spring!

5. She believes that the best medicine is laughing!

"I left a joke for you Roadrunners! Wait, maybe next time. It's too cheesy!"

By: Ayane Coker

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The Hottest Video Games Survey

Hello! This article is about video games and how students in E-33 feel about them. Kids in Mrs. Mihalik's class took a video game survey and here are the results: Five percent of students don't play video games at all! Shocking! Two percent of students play less than 30 minutes of video games . A bit too little, if you ask me. Eight percent of students play 30 minutes to 1 hour. Now that's what I feel like. Twelve percent of students play 1 hour to 2 hours. And Five percent of our students play more than 2 hours.

Now I'm moving on to the favorite video games. The favorite video game of two percent of students is Five Nights at Freddy's. Eighteen percent of students love Minecraft (the most popular). Three percent of students prefer Call Of Duty. Two percent of students like Disney Infinity. One percent of students play Tearaway. Another one percent of the students favor Animal Jam. Another one percent of the students play The Walking Dead (it's a famous game). Still another one percent prefer Destiny. One percent of the students favor the game Bully. Yet another one percent of the students like Poptropica. Pokemon is played by a different one percent of students. Mario Kart is favored by a different one percent. One percent of students prefer to play Castle Clash. And finally, one percent of the students' favorite is Lego Star Wars.

Are video games good, bad or both? One percent of the students think that they are both good and bad. Twelve percent of students think they are good for you. And nineteen percent think they are bad for you.

This is what students have against video games. Seven percent of students think that they get less exercise. Fourteen percent of students think that they have major addiction to video games. Ten percent of students think that they cause headaches, sore eyes, and make them feel tired. Two percent of students think they have too much violence. Three percent of students think that there is too much inappropriate stuff and three percent of the students have nothing against video games. This is a survey about what video games are the most popular and what students think about them. Thanks for reading!

By Mason S. Lee

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The Fantastic Math

By Roshan Malik

Math is magnificent. Math is an awesome subject and anybody can learn it if they want to. Some people in our class love math. We play lots of math games in our class. We have already played the 2 Dice Sum Game and the Place Value Game. We also have this thing called Four Fours, where you have to take Four Fours and make a number. These are some of the reasons why math is superb!

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Awesome Recess

Recess is the best part of the day because its your break time. That's when you can eat your snack and see your friends. You can talk and play with your friends. My favorite thing to play with my friends is shadow tag or regular tag. Sometimes when it's really hot or it's raining we go to watch a movie in the multi-purpose room. My favorite movie that they showed was Rio 2. I hope you like my Smore article. Thank you for reading this post!!

Abby Nguyen

Thanks everybody!!!

Thank you parents and kids for reading this month's Smore! Plus, There WILL be more Smore articles soon!!!
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