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Arthur Kanev - Albert Einstein Medical Center

Arthur Kanev completed his General Dental Internship at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in 1972. Then in 1973, he completed a residency at the institution in Maxillo-Facial Surgery. He received his Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree in 1973, shortly after completing that residency. He then worked as a dentist for nearly two decades before becoming a missionary and helping others abroad.

Arthur Kanev - Experience at Albert Einstein Medical Center

After getting both his Bachelor of Science degree and was well on his way to getting his Medical Degree in Dental Sciences, Arthur Kanev still had to complete a residence and internship as part of the requirements for his license to practice. He found the Albert Einstein Medical Center as the perfect outlet for accomplishing both, where he spent the next few years finishing out the last steps of his certification process.

Arthur Kanev completed his General Dental Internship at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in 1972. This internship trained him in basic dental services such as cleanings, fillings, crowns, aligners, night guards and more. He had a comprehensive training there that was pivotal to his establishment as a dental professional. It gave him a general knowledge of his what his basic day-to-day duties would be as a practicing dental professional.

Then in 1973, Arthur Kanev completed a residency in Maxillo-Facial Surgery at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. This residency taught him the more complex duties he would be performing as a dentists, such as reconstructive surgery and other sensitive procedures that often require the patients be put under so that they do not move or react improperly to the procedure taking place.

After all of that, he finally received his Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree in 1973, shortly after completing his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He then worked as a dentist for nearly two decades, helping hundreds of patients with their dental needs before becoming a missionary and helping others abroad.

Arthur Kanev: Man of Faith

Arthur Kanev is a man of faith who is devoted to spreading the word of God in his community as well as other places all over the world. He has been an active member of his church for his whole life; and has participated in a number of events to promote and spread the blessing of faith and unshakeable conviction to people of the world.

As a pivotal member of the parish, Arthur Kanev funded and launched a continuing marketing program to expand the follower base of his church. His efforts included the creation of direct mailings, door hangers, bookmarks and local advertising. His efforts to rally support from the community have made a huge impact on the parish’s membership as well as influence in the area.

Another contribution he has made to his church is when he instituted a "Special Blessing Service". This service was instituted to honor and bless all of the teachers, administrators and the staffs of 65 local schools in a special service that led by the students of his church’s’ schools.

Arthur Kanev’s contribution to his faith doesn’t stop at his local community. He is currently working as a missionary, who has traveled to dozens of countries to help those in need and share with them the compassion of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is something that has been a powerful influence throughout all of his life, and has the potential to help anyone who is willing to open their hearts and listen to the word of God.

Arthur Kanev - Missionary

Arthur Kanev has devoted a significant portion of his life to helping the lesser fortunate enjoy a heightened quality of life. As a missionary for his church as well as a former dentist and amusement business professional, he has brought many talents to his current occupation that set him apart from others in his group, distinguishing him as a person that people can go to for dental or medical treatment as well as knowledge on a number of different issues.

He lived in Vietnam for some time, where he helped people in the southern region of the country gain basic living resources as well as knowledge about our lord and savior Jesus Christ. While in Vietnam, Arthur also got to enjoy the delicious food and breathtaking beaches that Vietnam is known for.

While in Thailand, Arthur Kanev continued his mission for Christ across Southeast Asia. He felt very welcomed by the warmth of the Thai people as well as the spicy curries and noodle dishes that are the Thai specialty. He then went on to Cambodia to complete his tour across that region of the world.

Lastly, his missionary work in Haiti has helped thousands of people have extra resources in case of disaster. He was behind the building of a 200-bed hospital in Port Au Prince, which served as a great help to the country’s emergency relief efforts. He also designed and built the J.B. Dammier Technical School in Port Au Prince, as a further contribution to the country’s educational system.

Arthur Kanev - Tip For Teaching Children About The Bible

The concepts and messages that are contained in the Bible are often rather complex and it can be difficult for adults to fully understand them. Children may find that they are faced with an even more difficult task, particularly if their teacher is unable to provide strong explanations to them. As such, anybody who aims to spread the word of God must be able to relay those messages to younger listeners, with Arthur Kanev stating that all of the following must be done in order to become an effective teacher.

Improve Your Own Knowledge

If you do not have a strong grasp of the material that you are attempting to teach, you are going to find it much more difficult to help younger people. You may find that you lose their respect or attention if you are not able to demonstrate your confidence in handling the material. As such, you need to constantly educate yourself to ensure you are able to command the level of authority needed in order to spread the word amongst others.

Be Patient

As previously mentioned, some of the concepts and ideas contained within the Bible are difficult to understand at the best of times and you may find children beginning to struggle if you try to overload them with too much information. Instead, try to focus each lesson on a single subject, selecting appropriate passages of the Bible to support the overall message that you are aiming to convey during the lesson. This will help the child stay engaged and focused on the subject while also allowing you to clear up confusion quickly without having to jump from topic to topic.

Encourage Discourse

It is natural for children to have a lot of questions, regardless of what they are being taught. If you try to prevent them from asking their questions, you may find that the child disengages from the lesson and finds it much more difficult to take in what they are being told. As such, you need to encourage children to ask questions about anything that makes them feel uncertain about the message. This will allow you to offer additional clarification while also ensuring that you understand how the child is taking to the lesson.

Use Examples

Arthur Kanev notes that many of the concepts in the Bible will be difficult for a child to relate to their own lives, so you must make the effort to provide real-life examples that demonstrate how what they are being told can apply to the way a person lives their life. Some find it is best to structure their entire lesson or sermon around the experiences they have had, allowing them to constantly refer back to the experience when they encounter a difficult area of the subject, thus making it more relatable.

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Arthur Kanev - Tips For Overcoming Adversity

Arthur Kanev notes that most people will face adversity in one form or another during the course of their lives. The way that people handle difficult situations will often affect the path that they take later on in life. Unfortunately, many people find that it is difficult to face up to adverse situations without a little guidance, so keep all of the following in mind if you find yourself in such predicament.


Prayer has been noted to have a calming effect on the person doing it, allowing them to form a direct connection to God and relay all of the issues that are troubling them. In essence, it can be a form of therapy for those who feel as though they have no one to turn to, providing them with the support that can help them overcome their issues.

Remain Positive

If you allow yourself to become consumed by negative thoughts or you surround yourself with negative people, you are going to find it much more difficult to handle adverse situations when they arise. By staying positive and looking at every issue you face as an obstacle that will teach you more about your journey through life, you have a much better chance of overcoming adversity.


When he has faced adversity in his life, Arthur Kanev has often taken it as a sign that he needs to make some changes so that he can be more in control of his situation. This has often led him to invest in himself and improve as a person, thus making him better equipped to deal with the issue.

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