CR6 Tech4Learning

9.28.15 - 10.2.15

Tech Updates!

Hi Everyone!

Here are your tech updates for the week:

1. Just a reminder that I'll be in your building's library before school or after school this week to help you with iPad Basics (organizing apps, using the camera, FaceTime, iMessages, etc.). Next week, we'll have iPad Basics 2: AirDrop, AirPlay, and Google Calendar Sync.

2. I'll be out of district next Monday and Tuesday for the METC Conference in St. Louis. I won't have access to FaceTime while at the conference, but I'll still be able to email and iMessage should you need me. I'm looking forward to the conference, and I hope to bring back awesome ideas that we can use to integrate technology in our classrooms.

3. Because I'll be out Monday and Tuesday, next week's iPad Basics 2 PD time will be:

  • Wednesday, CBMS, 7:30-8 am
  • Wednesday, CES, 3:30-4 pm
  • Thursday, CHS, 7:30-8 am
  • Thursday, CIS, 3:30-4

4. Be sure to update your iPad to iOS 9 (see last week's newsletter in the About section of our Tech4Learning Classroom). You should also update AirServer and SMARTNotebook (see below).

As always, let me know what I can do to help support you in our technology adventures!

~Sarah :)

Tech Tips!

Update AirServer

Watch the video or follow the below instructions to update your AirServer. AirServer is the software we use to connect our iPad to our Macbook in order to project the iPad. This update will hopefully make AirServer more stable!

1. Open AirServer on your MacBook. (Press the f4 key and type AirServer to find the program.)

2. Click on the AirServer icon in the menu bar at the top right of your screen.

3. The Update window should open. Click Install Update.

4. Wait for the update to install and extract.

5. Type in the password you use to login to your MacBook to allow the install of the update.

It will finish the install in the background so once you enter your password to allow the install, you're good to go!

AirServer Update Install

Update SMART Notebook

Watch the video or follow the below instructions to update your SMART Notebook Software. This update will remove the floating SMART Ink side bar and install the new SMART Ink menu. It will also give you more interactive tools through the Lesson Activity Builder.

1. Click on the SMART Notebook icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen. It looks like a white CD on a blue background.

2. Click Check for Updates and Activation.

3. Click Update next to SMART Notebook.

4. Click Yes.

5. Put in the password you use to login to your MacBook.

6. Wait for the update to download and install.

7. Click OK when the installation is complete.

SMART Notebook Update

Website of the Week!

Publisher to PDF to Office Converter

If you're like me, you loved Microsoft Publisher and you have an H:// Drive full of Publisher files. Because Word for Mac and Pages have integrated so many of the Publisher features, there is no Publisher for Mac. Never fear! You can still access and even edit your Publisher files using two websites.

The first is Online2Pdf Converter. It will create a PDF file of your Publisher document. Simply click and drag your file into the converter box on the page and then download the PDF. Because a PDF file is simply an image of your document, when you download it, you won't be able to edit it. In order to edit it, open up SmallPDF. It will create a Word version of your Publisher file. Now, you'll have the ability to change the font, text, size, images, etc.

If you're a Teachers Pay Teachers user, SmallPDF is also a great way to convert and edit PDFs that you purchase from the site.

Tech Try of the Week!

SMART Notebook: Lesson Activity Builder

With the new update to SMART Notebook, SMART has added several new interactive activities to the Lesson Activity Builder. These include:

  • Super Sort - In the Super Sort activity, students sort into two groups - nouns and verbs, mammals and reptiles, even or odd numbers, anything you'd like. The items disappear if sorted correctly but they go back to be re-sorted if put into the wrong category.*
  • Shout it Out! - Students use a web browser on their mobile device, laptops, or desktop computers to connect to an activity and contribute text or images.
  • Rank Order - Rank Order lets your students arrange items in the order you select, such as whole numbers from smallest to largest or steps in a process. You can also choose something more subjective, such as having students choose their favorite colors.
  • Flip Out - From multiplication tables to vocabulary definitions to everything in between, Flip Out will be a big hit with your students while it helps with memorization. Put whatever you like on the fronts and backs of however many cards you need. Students then flip over the cards to reveal what you put on the other side.
  • Fill in the Blanks - Your students will have a great time dragging and dropping to fill in the missing words, phrases, or numbers in any passage. Just enter some text and select the pieces you want to leave blank - you'll be playing in just minutes!
  • Match 'em Up! - Drawing lines on paper was fine, but now your students can match items by dragging and dropping.

*All descriptions from SMART Notebook.

These activities are easy to set up and can be added to any SMART Notebook page in advance. To access any of these activities, simply click the top hat icon in the icons menu bar in SMART Notebook. You can also click Insert in the menu bar and then Lesson Activity.

Add one of these interactive activities to your lesson and try it out! Use it as a quick warm up to see what students remember from the previous day. Add it after a chunk of lecture to reinforce concepts. Because kids can reset the activity, you can even set up the activity as a learning station. So many great uses! Watch the video below to see the activities in more depth.

SMART Notebook 15.1: Lesson Activity Builder Overview

Zoom In On...

SMART Notebook: Shout it Out!

Shout it Out! replaces XC Collaboration in the latest update of SMART Notebook 15. Using an internet ready device, your students can text the SMARTBoard. You can then manipulate and interact with their responses. Shout it Out! is part of the new Lesson Activity Builder tools. It's simple to set up and simple to use! Check out the video to see me set up the activity as a teacher and then text in as a student. If you use Shout it Out! in your classroom, let me know so I can come see it in action!
SMART Notebook: Shout it Out! Simulation

Spotlight On...

Kortney Sebben!

Kortney Sebben recently used iMovie with her Drama students to create movie trailers. These movie trailers helped students to focus on crafting dramatic text or creating dramatic action. The students first wrote their script and then filmed using the iPads. Using iMovie's trailer function, students then incorporated their clips into iMovie, editing length, lighting, and sound. In order to watch the clips, students sent their iMovie files to Kortney through AirDrop. High five to Kortney for creating a project-based learning task for her drama students and for giving her students the opportunity to develop their creativity, communication, and critical-thinking skills!

Her students hope you'll enjoy Chick Norris and Among the Shadows!

Chick Norris

Upcoming Learning Opportunities


Even if you can't watch the webinars during the time listed, by registering, they'll send you a permanent link to the recorded webinar after the webinar is over. These would make great resources for your Tech4Learning Cohorts!

Refresh Your Classroom Environment: Empower Student Authors, Tuesday, October 6th, 3-4 pm

Engaging Students in Real-World STEM Problem Solving, Thursday, October 8th, 4-5 pm


All workshop held at MORENet in Columbia, MO.

Google Tools, Wednesday, October 14th, 9-4

SMART Board Beginnings, Thursday, October 15th, 9-4

Don't forget to back up your H:// drive!

When you need me...

call me through FaceTime or text me with iMessages on your MacBook or iPad. Also check out my resources on my Pinterest page.