Hailey Pecore

Typing Web

  • Typing Web really helped me improve on my typing skills
  • For Typing Web every morning you will be typing for 5 minutes
  • If you want to get a 4 for the first quarter you would need to finish the intermediate course
  • Getting a 4 for the second quarter you would have to finish the advanced


  • Self paced unit
  • Very Challenging
  • To earn a 3 you have to finish stages 1-7
  • Earning a 4 you would need to finish stages 1-9

Career Locker

  • Mrs. Vandenboogaart helps out with this unit
  • For this unit you get to choose you college that you would like to go to and what you would need to reach the goal of going to that college
  • You get onformation on you dream job

Hiaku Deck

  • For this unit you will be doing a presentation on you dream job and college
  • You will be using the information from the unit career locker
  • When you finish your presentation you will have to present it in front of the whole class


  • The highest grade you can get on this project is a 3
  • Your graded on your Storyboard, planning, camera techniques, conventions, and audience appeal
  • It is up to you about the topic of your iTrailer

Explain Everything

  • For this project you will be pick 1 out of 10 math problems to show how to do them
  • You will need a photograph
  • Also you will need a self explanation with the use of the audio
  • Don't use your finger you can use use a stylist