The Warrior Way

November 16th

Our "Center"

I shared this video with our families as well and I think it is a great tool for reflecting on what is most important to each of us individually as well as collectively as a staff. Rise of the Guardians is one of my favorite movies. Yes, to our younger staff members, I am old and many of my favorite movies are now animated. The message behind this particular clip is very straight forward and powerful at the same time. Reminding ourselves of our "center" will help us to stay focused and positive during the difficult times both at home and at school. I would like each of you to take a moment to think about what drives you to keep showing up and doing this extremely difficult job on a daily basis. That is your "center".

Thank you for having a "center" that pushes you to continue to provide opportunities for our students each and every day.

Proud to be a Warrior,


Rise of the Guardians - North's Center
Please follow the link above to our shared document to share what you consider to be your "center". I'd like you to complete this section by Thursday's faculty meeting. We are going to use the "center" concept as our focus for the day. Thank you!

Jobs for the Week!

Morning meetings:3rd

Morning Announcements: James

Lunch count North: Riley

Lunch count South: James

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.


I am continually impressed with the classroom management in our building. Our referral data backs up the feeling that I continue to have that our teachers are doing a great job or setting high expectations and holding our students accountable for meeting those expectations. Thank you for promoting the Warrior Way each and every day at Winfield Intermediate!

Keep it Up!

As many of you could tell during this last week we have entered into the cold and flu season. We still are doing very well and only dipped slightly below 95% at 94.85%. We know there will be a few weeks like this but overall we are doing extremely well. It was great to put in a report to the board that each of our grade levels were above 97% for students who have been in attendance at least 90% of the school year!
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Family LIteracy Night

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 5:30-7pm

701 West Elm Street

Winfield, MO

We hope to see as many staff members as possible at our Family Literacy Night on December 10th. Our planning committee came up with a great plan last week. We will share more details in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to a great week!

Monday November 16th-

Katie and Bridget out Tier 3 advanced training-Columbia

Newspaper club

Tuesday November 17th:

3rd grade field trip

Bell choir

Tier 1 meeting-make-up

Tier 2 meeting

Front Row Math Club

Wednesday November 18th:

Early Out- Thanksgiving Feast

Kolbe Training

Thursday November 19th

3rd grade Field trip

Front Row Math Club

Coffee Talk-8:30 am-Jeff at Primary

Faculty meeting-3:15-Library

FridayNovember 20th

Happy Friday!

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Highlight! New and returning staff! That means everyone

As I thought of all the good things at Winfield Intermediate I kept coming back to the positive culture throughout the building. As a I thought about all the reasons why that culture exists I kept coming back to our collective staff. Is life perfect? Of course not. That is because we are all pushing to grow and working hard to do what is best for students each day. But I truly appreciate the commitment the staff shows to working together for our common goals.

We brought in a considerable number of new staff members this year and they are doing a great job of learning from our returning members while at the same time contributing their own positive influence.

I can't say enough about our returning staff members and how they have shown all of our new staff, me included, what it means to be a Winfield Warrior. We are nearing the halfway point of our school year and your leadership continues to drive the positive culture within our building. Thank you!

Truly Proud To Be A Warrior!!!