PBIS Update

September 2014

Bully Prevention Month and Red Ribbon Week

October is bully prevention month and Hawthorne Elementary will participate in supporting this initiative. Students will participate in a poster contest, hear information on the morning announcements, and be invited to a culminating event at Skateland, to roll against bullying.

Red Ribbon Week will take place October 23-31st. Red Ribbon Week is the largest national anti-drug campaign in the country. Fourth and fifth grade students will listen to a presentation from a member of the Baltimore County Police Department and tie red ribbons around a tree out front. Teachers in primary grades should just explain that Red Ribbon Week is about living a healthy lifestyle and not engage in any instruction or discussion about living drug-free.

Teachers are not expected to conduct separate instructional activities for either initiative, but simply asked to support the calendar of events.

The calendar of events for both initiatives is below. Please encourage participation by your students.


The school year is well underway, and the PBIS committee would like to thank you for your hard work getting procedures and routines in place to support student success. We also want to thank the thirty-three staff members who have volunteered to be a mentor to a CICO student!! Your commitment to our students continually amazes and inspires!!

As of now, we have had fifteen total referrals written, nine of these being major and six being minor. This is slightly higher than last year at this time when we had a total of thirteen referrals written. Disrespect, insubordination, and disruption continue to be the main causes for a written referral. Referrals range from PK to grade 5.

Our most significantly difficult time of the day seems to be between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m., with eleven of the referrals occurring during this time. You may want to consider building in a stretch break, movement break, or your restorative circle at this time. Also, many recess breaks are scheduled during this time. A frequent cause for escalation can be students becoming frustrated and/or angry when they have lost recess time. If you anticipate this as a concern, please feel free to utilize Mr. Z to provide recess detention. Mr. Z can pick up the student(s) prior to your class going outside. However, due to the needs within the building, please only utilize Mr. Z for students you expect to elope or have escalating anger. Students able to sit out during recess outside should continue doing so.

October PBIS Information

Week of October 6-10th:

Monday- Introduce Anti-Bully Campaign on Husky TV

Tuesday- Student reading of poem about bullying on Husky TV

Wednesday- Introduce Anti-Bully Poster Contest on Husky TV (send home poster contest flyer in Wed. folder)

Thursday- Show a short PSA video about bullying on Husky TV

Friday- Wear Purple for Ravens and Anti-Bullying

Week of October 13-17th:

Monday- Announce Roll against Anti-Bullying Skate Party on Husky TV

Tuesday- Student reading of poem about bullying on Husky TV

Wednesday- Announce ‘Kids against Bullying’ Pledge on Husky TV. Pledge will be hung outside of the cafeteria and kids can sign throughout the week. (send home skate land information in Wednesday folder)

Thursday- Show student posters on Husky TV to encourage participation.

Friday- Wear Purple for Ravens and Anti-Bullying

Week of October 20-24th

Monday- 3:25-3:30pm- Dance in hallway in Unity against Bullying- an anti-bully song will be played and classes can come into the hallway to dance along or dance in their classrooms. Please be sure students are already packed up.

Tuesday- Read a Poem about Bullying on Husky TV

Wednesday- Reminder about skate land night on Husky TV- flyer home in wed. folders

Thursday- Introduce Red Ribbon Week with Bullying on Husky TV

Friday- Wear Red against Drugs

Week of October 27-31st

Monday- Guest Speaker for 4th and 5th grade- Tie a ribbon around the tree- Last call for anti-bullying posters

Tuesday- Skate Land Night- announce poster winners for each grade level on Husky TV

Wednesday- Put a Cap on Drugs Crazy Hat Day

Thursday- Put a Sock on Drugs