The BUZZ in 4B

March, 2014

Scientists in 4B are exploring Motion & Design

Your children are continuing to enjoy exploring the affects of mass, friction, force, and resistance as they experiment on vehicles they have designed using K'nex. First, students designed rear-axle vehicles and experimented with stored energy (rubber bands) and resistance as they learned how best to power their vehicles. Next, students learned about the various affects of mass (adding blocks) and force (weights via a pulley system). In the coming weeks, we will be presented with weekly "challenges" including adding a sail to our vehicle and more!

I am an Immigrant!

Students are immersing themselves in the life of an immigrant this month. After kicking off out immigration unit with a parent sharing his personal experience as an immigrant, students took themselves back in time and learned about why immigrants would choose to leave their native countries for a new life in America. Ask your child which country they became an "expert" on (and then shared with the class) and the sequence of events that motivated them to leave their home country. Currently, students are learning and experiencing life on the ship and journey through Ellis Island.

Immigration Projects - Materials due Thursday, March 13th!

An information packet and "menu" of project options was sent home on Friday. Please review and discuss with your child. We will be sharing our projects and celebrating what we have learned with parents on April 2nd at 1:30 pm. More information will be sent home regarding our celebration and "feast" as the date approaches.

Fractions, Fractions, Fractions.....

Your mathematicians are working with fractions this month. Students are extending their understanding of fractional parts, adding and subtracting fractions, ordering fractions, determining equivalent fractions, and working with mixed numbers. As part of their learning, students rotate through math centers where they have an opportunity to apply their understanding using iPads, playing games (Fergie the Nerdie is a favorite!) and assuming the role of "teacher" as they share their knowledge with their classmates at the "teacher table".

For additional practice, check out the fraction games under the math tab on our eBoard!

This Week...

  • Book Fair is this week! 4B will visit the book fair on Wednesday, March 12th. If your child will be buying books at this time, please send in money in a sealed envelope or baggie with your child's name.
  • 3/12 - Book Fair Family Night from 6:30-8:00 pm
  • 3/13 - Michael and Misty, his seeing eye dog, will visit 4B. Details will be sent home in separate email.
  • 3/14 - Talent show rehearsal after school.

Looking Back....

THANK YOU room moms for a wonderful Valentines Day Celebration!!

Every member of Tatem came together to create a 15 minute "reading chain" in celebration of Read Across America Week!

Looking Ahead.....

  • March 24-26 PARCC Field Testing - Please refer to Mrs. Schultz' letter
    for further details
  • March 24- Report Cards sent home

Snow Day Make-Ups

April 14th (Day 1)

April 15 (Day 3)

April 16th (Day 1)

April 21st (Day 5)