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Favorites - 5/16/13

We all have favorites! It's ok to admit that you do!

Now there is a way to set up Favorites within Outlook for easy access to your favorite folders and items in Mail. This would be for folders or items that you access on a regular basis. Your Inbox, Unread Mail, and Sent Items are automatically set up as defaults for your Favorites. But have no fear you aren't locked into these.

Favorites live on the left side when you are in your Mail. They are found all the way at the top even above your account. If only the word Favorites is showing click the little triangle next to the word Favorites to show items located within Favorites.

Removing Items from Favorites

To remove items from your favorites, right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the item you want to remove and click Remove from Favorites.

Adding Items to Favorites

To add an item to your favorites in much the same way you right-click (control click on a Mac) the folder or item under your Name that you want to add and then select Add to Favorites. For example, I have lots of folders in my Inbox where I sort messages, but there are some that I regularly access and others that I don't. Adding folders that I access weekly or even daily to my Favorites saves me time when using Outlook.

Moving Things Around

You can move items around in your Favorites Menu pretty quickly. You can drag them around to position them or you can right-click (control-click on a Mac) and select Move Up in List or Move Down in List.
NOTE: Anything that you add to Favorites does not MOVE it from your account area, but creates an alias(copy) within your Favorites for easy access. The original is still safely located under your name. =)

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