Life before the Constitution

Tianna Compton

Life as a Worker

I am a shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire. The government has stopped issuing paper money. I sold my bonds to a banker to get 10 cents per dollar so I could have some money in the end. The wealthy people haven't done anything towards helping this country and should at the very least lend money to people.

Life as a Banker

I am a member of a prosperous banker and merchant family in New York. "Payment in kind" is a very upsetting thing as people are allowed to get receive loan money but when they pay us back we would get corn and cows. Daniel Shays is a very troubling man as he continually disobeys the law a while shutting down courts. I feel good about a proposal that says each person has to pay back all bonds in cash, a dollar for a dollar.

Life as a Southern Planter

I am a tobacco planter in Virginia. I do not do work myself, my slaves do as their work benefits me. Slavery doesn't scare me as much as equality does. Daniel Shays is a scary man, does he think he will take my money away from me so I will be equal to them? The bonds have become worthless and I find that my money should be returned to me in money, I mean it's only fair.