Ancient Egypt Government

By Eden Perry-Benton


Ancient Egypt government was different than today's government we don't know everything but we know enough. Let's compare

Social Pyramid

The social pyramid of ancient Egypt was not complicated. Pharaohs, government officials, soldiers, scribes, merchants, craftsmen, peasants, and slaves were at the bottom along with searvants
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Believed to be the child of the son god Ra, Pharaohs were the leaders of ancient Egypt, the head of government. Pharaohs were the only ones allowed to give permission to preform ceremonies. When Pharaohs died the were put in a special tomb called a pyramid, where their souls were perfumed to live on inside them.

Government officials and Priest

Government officials in ancient Egypt were to collect taxes, deal with problems and cases, or tell the Pharaoh of war. The list goes on government officials were an important part of the Pharaoh's life and Egypt's. Since the gods were believed to live in the temples in Egyptian Society, priest were the only ones allowed in the temples and cared for the gods and preformed ceremonies for them and/or the dead.


There weren't many wars in Egypt, but when there was the soldiers were sent to fight. Soldiers were often used just to maintain the people of Egypt and protect the Pharaoh.
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Scribes were the authors of Egyptian Society. Scribes wrote down everything we know about Egypt today with hieroglyphics like ancient alphabet. They wrote down stories, what things were used for, and how daily life went in Egypt. Ancient paper was made by a plant called papyrus.
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Merchants were the traders of ancient Egypt. Merchants traded goods between other merchants, and craftsmen if they needed supplies for their shop . The Pharaoh kept up with trading.
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Craftsmen created art and jewelry in ancient Egypt. Some craftsmen were better than others so they created things for the Pharaoh and the higher class by using more rare objects and using different detail to make it different than the rest.
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Though at the bottom of the social pyramid farmers were the most important part of Egyptian Society. Farmers harvested all of the crops and understood the water cycle the Nile River and because of this got food to the village and if flooding was good, a lot of it.
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Slaves and Servants

Slaves and servants were at the bottom of the social pyramid, of course, but there was a difference between the two. Slaves were to work a little more harder than servants, if you committed a crime sometimes instead of killing you, you were sent to be a slave, and to work in the fields for a long time, but if you did something presumed bad you were whipped. Servants were to work in households and usually were owned by the higher class to cook, take care of children, etc.


There were two kingdoms in Egypt, Lower Egypt and the Upper Egypt, they get confused a lot because of where they are
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