Falcon Frenzy

February 12, 2016 v. 3 issue 24

Climate Survey Results

Thank you for your participation in the recent GHS Climate Survey. Information was collected on your satisfaction with your working environment, your professional learning, your satisfaction with district leadership and your satisfaction with your building principal. It was exciting to review the data and confirm that we are a positive and "satisfied" group.

The top three indicators for building leadership are as follows:

Dr. Cauldwell ...

and I have a good working relationship: 1.3 (1.0 is Strongly Agree and 2.0 is Agree)

is available when I have questions or need assistance: 1.32

is trustworthy and acts with integrity: 1.33

The three lowest ranking indicators for building leadership are:

Dr. Cauldwell...

communicates a clear sense of direction for my department: 1.76

holds people accountable for their performance: 1.75

fairly and consistently applies expectations: 1.61

Top ranking indicators in other areas:

I am inspired to meet my goals at work: 1.79

I get excited about going to work: 1.95

I am satisfied that I have the opportunities to apply my talents and expertise: 2.01

Lowest ranking indicators:

Underperforming employees, who fail to improve after being provided an opportunity to do so, are dismissed from employment: 3.36

SPS uses stakeholder feedback in order to improve performance: 2.45

SPS retains high performing employees: 2.29

As a general rule of thumb, survey results showing 2.0 or lower are excellent. Anything higher than a 3.0 is concerning. All indicators improved from last school year with the exception of "I am excited about going to work". Last year our building average was 1.82.

I appreciate your open and honest feedback. I have reviewed all of your open/written responses as well. Thank you for your kind words and suggestions for improvement. I endeavor to always improve as a leader and want to meet your needs. The most important job at Glendale is the job YOU do each day. I want to support you and that is the focus of our admin team. I believe that GHS has the best staff in the area. You meet each challenge with a "can-do" attitude. Our students will reap the benefits of a positive and healthy climate.

Seeking an Advanced Degree?

Teachers there are two scholarship opportunities through the Foundation for SPS.

The Hammons Teacher Scholarship is offered to a teacher seeking an advanced degree in any field.

The JJ Memorial Scholarship is offered to a teacher or para-professional seeking to further their education in the field of special education.

The deadline to apply is March 18. Click HERE to learn more.

Master Calendar

February 12-13: Speech & Debate in Joplin

February 15: Choir Lock-in

February 16: Quest Meeting, 5:00 - 7:00

Remember Hattie's Research on Effect Size?

A few years ago, our professional learning sessions were focused on Hattie's research regarding the effect of various teaching practices on student learning. Read the article, "Blending Technology into Project Based Learning", by Lenz and Kingston, as they relate both technology and PBL to Hattie's research.

Attendance Summary

Average Daily Attendance: 94.94%

Students with 90% attendance or higher: 80.45%

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