A Tigers Nightmare


My argument piece is going to be about why not to poach tigers. One reason why not to poach tigers is because poaching is illegal and could get you into big trouble. Another reason why is because acording to scientists,in a few years tigers could go extinct. Tigers are a very important part of the ecosystem because they hunt animals. If tigers didn't hunt their prey would become overpopulated and they would eat to much until they would have to fight for food.

Reason One

The first major threat to tigers is poaching. Poaching is illegal hunting. Poaching is a big problem, even in protected areas. Poachers can make up to $70,000 per animal. Usually tiger parts are only sold on the black market. Asian healers use tiger parts and bones for traditional Aisan medicine, although tiger bones and body parts have no medicinal effect. Poaching is a devastating part of the tigers endangerment.

Second Reason

The second major threat to tigers is habitat loss. Developers build roads through forests, loggers clear forests for lumber, and farmers use the land for crops. Taking away more of the tigers habitat makes it harder to find a mate and have cubs. Late at night a young tiger cub is haunted in its nightmares by the sound of the roaring motors of the bulldozers as they destroy the tigers once beautiful home, and hears the terrified yowls of his fellow tigers.

Opposing Side

Some of the reasons poachers hunt tigers is because they can make up to $70,000 at best. But poaching is illegal, witch means that you could go to jail if you get caught in the act. The cost for bail is very expensive,depending how many tigers you caught.And if you don't have the money to pay bail you are going to be in the slammer for a long time.


If you are able to, maybe you should go and donate to a tiger reserve so that you can help save what's left of the tiger population. The two major threats to tigers is habitat loss and poaching.So next time you're going poaching take time to stop and think about what were to happen if you were to get caught by a random person or worse, a cop on patrol. But I'm not saying you have to listen to me so go ahead, keep poaching, but know this,I'm not going to help you pay bail if you get caught.


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