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Weekly Campus Communication for the week of 1/24/2022

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KMS Weekly Planning Guide Folder for 2021-2022

Utilize this folder to upload your team's weekly planning guide. Weekly Planning Guide submission is due on Thursdays @ 11:59pm

Principal's Note

Great evening excellent educators,

Welcome to week 4 of the Spring semester. I want to first off say thank you for being here and keeping what's best for our scholars in consideration. I am sure no one thought we would still be wearing masks at this time and dealing with a much more contagious strain of COVID than before. I say thank you because even in spite of the obstacles we've already been presented this semester, I walk down the halls and see incredible instruction in every classroom. You are an amazing collection of educators and it is my honor to work alongside you to educate our scholars. This week please continue to be intentional about instruction and engaging strategies for scholars. Please assure you are targeting standards that will be present on SCA 3 for your content area. SCA 3 will let us know exactly where to target and review as we go in to testing season. Please also assure your lesson plans and sub plans are uploaded. In fact, sub plans are more important now than ever. Please also post assignments in Blend just in case you need to leave early and not return for a few days. I appreciate you more than words can express Let's have a GREAT week of teaching and learning. #BEGREATMentality


AM & PM S.I.T. Duty for 1/24/2021 - 2/4/2021

Outside Gym - Gardner

Band Hall - Horrell

Courtyard - A. Johnson

Front Entrance - Flores-Wolsky

West Entry - Lyday

400 South Entry (by Library) - Neill

400 West Entry (by Tennis Courts) - Kinsman

Penn Sidewalk - T. Hill

Front Parking - Tasneem

KMS S.I.T Duty 2021-2022

Please click here to see the SIT Duty Schedule

2021-2022 Initiatives and Goals

Instructional Initiatives

1.) Daily Formative Assessment

2.) Literacy in Every Classroom

3.) Standards Aligned Instruction

4.) Progress Monitoring

Academic Goal

Utilizing an array of assessments (MAP- Measure of Academic Progress, SCA - AISD Short Course Assessment, and STAAR - State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness), the percentage of each demographic/special group of students performing at the meets level in Math & English will increase by at least 5% - 10% from August 17th, 2021 to May 27th,2022.

Social Goal

- TBA (we are still working on this but planning to look at the types of counseling visits our students are requesting)

Instructional Focus for the week of 1/24/2021

1.3 - Student Engagement

- There should be an opportunity for students to engage in the lesson as whole group or individual every 5-10 minutes of the class period

PPfT Rubric

Tool used to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers' instruction

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Twitter - @KTXHornets

Transition Expectations - to help reduce the possibility of spread in our building

Between classes

- stand at your doors

- give students sanitizer as they enter the classroom

- encourage students to continue moving and not stand still in the halls


- Set clear expectations for transitioning in the halls before leaving the classroom / cafeteria

- assure you have all of your students before leaving


- Only leave when your hallway is called

- Walk your students down to make sure they exit the building in an orderly fashion

- This will keep students from congregating inside the building at the end of the day

K.M.S. Community Positive Cases Update Letters

Please click to see the most update Positive Case Updates pertaining to our campus. Our most recent letter went out January 7th, 2022.

KMS No Fly List (Other names are being added daily, please let us know if you have some wanderers)

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Upcoming Dates

Monday - January 24th - A Day (1st - 4th Periods)

Tuesday - January 25th - B Day (5th - 8th Periods)

Wednesday - January 26th - A Day (1st - 4th Periods)

COVID Vaccine Clinic - Kealing Cafeteria, 4p - 8p

Thursday - January 27th - B Day (5th - 8th Periods)

CAC Meeting - 3:15p - 4:15p virtual

Kealing Boys Basketball vs O'Henry Middle School @ 6p & 7p

Friday - January 28th - A Day (1st - 4th Periods)

Next Week

1/31 - Staff Meeting @ 3:15p

2/1 - February Principal's Coffee @ 8am, location-tbd

2/5 - Kealing Girls Soccer vs Murchison, @ 9a at Murchison Middle School

Hornet Herald Entries for announcements to parents

Entries must be submitted by Thursdays weekly to be included in the upcoming week's communication.

Last week of campus!


Professional Growth Rubric

Spanish Language Clasess for all AISD Staff- Cohort 2 is starting!

You can take free Spanish language classes to better serve and build relationships with our Spanish-speaking students and community!

Cohort 2 begins the week of January 24, 2022, and ends the week of June 18, 2022, with the possibility of some summer options. Cohort 2 classes are geared towards beginner level Spanish. Beginner level classes are defined below. Classes are an hour long and offered virtually or in-person. Each class has 10-15 minutes of supplemental daily activities.

Registration is now open via HCP until sessions are filled. Each class will have a maximum of 15 students. Please register only if you will commit to regular attendance (minimum of 90% attendance rate throughout the entirety of the class). Click for in-person and virtual class options.

We look forward to seeing you the week of January 24th!

Beginner Level:

  • Oral: No Spanish to- I can respond to simple questions on the most common things of daily life. I can communicate minimal meaning by using one or two words, lists of words, memorized phrases and an occasional short, simple sentence. I can ask memorized and common questions.

  • Writing: No Spanish to- can write about myself and my life well enough to express my own thoughts and accomplish what I need. I can write in phrases and some sentences. I can write in lists, memorized phrases and an occasional short, simple sentence.

National Park Trusts Kids to Parks Day School Grant

Applications for National Park Trust’s Kids to Parks Day School Grant are now being accepted. This program empowers teachers and schools to provide hands-on educational experiences for their students and help them discover America’s parks.

Application Deadline


Award Amount

$500 for distance learning or $1,000 for in-park trip


Applicants must be PreK-12 educators.

How to Apply

Visit National Park Trust’s Kids to Parks Day School Grant website to learn more about the guidelines, criteria, timeline, and application.

To search for additional campus grant opportunities, visit our Austin ISD Grants Database.

For more information or assistance with the grant, please contact Ryan O’Donnell ( in the Office of Innovation and Development.

Cliff Family Foundation Grant

Applications for the Cliff Family Foundation Grant are now being accepted. This program supports holistic projects that protect Earth's beauty and bounty, create a healthy food system, increase opportunities for outdoor activity, reduce environmental health hazards, and build stronger communities.

Application Deadline

February 1, 2022

Award Amount

No restriction


Applicants must be K-12 educators.

How to Apply

Visit Cliff Family Foundation Grant website to learn more about the guidelines, criteria, timeline, and application.

To search for additional campus grant opportunities, visit our Austin ISD Grants Database.

For more information or assistance with the grant, please contact Ryan O’Donnell ( in the Office of Innovation and Development.
Questions about the new calendar proposal

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns for the 2022-2023 calendar please add them to this.

Ideas for the future of room 108

Please click here to share your input on the future of room 108.

April 1st DOI Day of Service

Click here to share your preference the April 1st DOI Day

Committee Sign Up

We want everyone to be a part of at least one committee on campus

- Campus Leadership Members are covered

CSH (Coordinated School Health) - - assures school is tailoring to the whole child

CAC (Campus Advisory Committee)- Aids in the decision making of the campus

PVT (Porch Visit Team) - team that visits students who have attendance/ behavior concerns visits can also be positive.

Submit a R.A.V.E

The Recognizing All Valuable Employees or RAVE Program was created to honor those who take the extra steps to provide equitable and exceptional experiences.

PPE Requests Form

Please use this form to request PPE. All PPE requests go through Ms. Mancilla. Please also allow at least 24 hours for you to receive your request. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Mancilla.

School calendar submissions

Do you have an event you would like added to the school calendar? If so, enter it here. Once it is approved the event will be added to the calendar.

Principal Jerald Wilson

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the Kealing community. My vision is for our campus to be the premier middle school in the United States of America. I look forward to working collaboratively with our community to create a memorable experience for all scholars attending our school. #DBGBG #BEGREATmentality