Fourth Grade News

For the week of August 31

Focus of the Week

We will continue to become familiar with the rules, the schedule, and each other.

Reading - choosing fit books, checking for understanding, and building stamina

Writing - writing a personal narrative and summarizing using details from the text

Math - point, line, line segment, ray, perpendicular, parallel, vertex, and angles

Social Studies - getting to know Ms. Connors and learning her expectations and rules

Science - exploring rocks and minerals

It's going to be a HOT week! Don't forget your water bottle!

Spelling words (ed and ing suffixes)

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Activities from last week

Cole's cat design - Exploring and creating with rulers

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Upcoming events and tests

Homework will consist of spelling and reading this week. Math homework will be added the following week. Homework is a vital part of school, so we will start off slow to ensure everyone becomes familiar and comfortable with the homework routine.

First spelling test - Friday, September 4

The squeaky-clean award will be given to the student who demonstrates he or she is maintaining the neatest and most organized desk. They will receive an award and get to keep Squeaky, the stuffed mouse, on their desk for the week. Their photo with Squeaky will be displayed in next week's Smore.

A student of the week will be drawn randomly on Monday. A new student will be drawn each week. They will have the opportunity to express important and unique aspects about themselves. They will also receive a book mark, get to sit in the student of the week chair, and have their picture in next week's Smore!!!

No Homework passes will be handed out for various achievements. They can be used at any time, for one assignment, but must be attached to the assignment and signed by the parent.

Supplies needed for a special science project

We will be completing a soil experiment and I could use your help gathering some supplies. If you have empty baby food jars, grass seed, soil, or nylons (nylons to hold the soil and grass seed into a small ball - the toe/foot portion is actually all we will need) we could use them. If you have any of these supplies just send them in with your child.

Classroom books

Below is a book wish list a generous parent asked me to create to increase our classroom library. I have been truly amazed at the support, feedback, and generosity I have received from numerous families. Thank you all for getting us off to a wonderful start.

My weird school (any book in the series) by Dan Gutman

Magic tree house (any book in the series) by Mary Pop Osborne

Ramona (any book in the series) by Beverly Cleary

Judy Moody (any book in the series) by Megan McDonald

I survived (any book in the series) by Lauren Tarshis

Black Lagoon (any book in the series) by Mike Thaler

Aliens ate my homework by Bruce Coville

The contest: Everest by Gordon Korman

Cam Jansen (any book) by David Adler

2030: The day in the life of tomorrow's kids by Amy Zuckerman and Jim Daly

Jigsaw Jones (any book in the series) by James Preller

The cricket in time square by George Selden

The misadventures of Maude March by Audrey Couloumbis

Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg

Wayside school (any book in the series) by Louis Sachar

Snow treasure by Marie McSwigan

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

Tales of a fourth grade nothin by Judy Blume

The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Of course there are many more I could add. Any book that interests your child would be a wonderful addition to our classroom library. Multiple copies are always welcome and are perfect for groups.

Mrs. Peterson

I hope everyone had a wonderful first week in fourth grade!!!