Does Height Matter?

By: Megan Forsberg

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of this experiment was to see if height matters when someone shoots a basketball. I became interested in this experiment because I want to find out if height does or doesn’t matter when you shoot. The information gained from this experiment will help others by when they play basketball and if people make more shots if they are taller or shorter.


Basketball players in the NBA are tall and thin. This helps them be better defenders, and also probably helps them shoot well too. According to, height is very important in basketball.

According to, the taller you are, the better percentage your shot will be. It’s common sense that the taller people can probably shoot better than shorter people. But, that’s not always true. Some shorter people can go up against people who are a lot taller than them. I have learned that sometimes height does matter in basketball, and sometimes height doesn’t matter in basketball. But majorities of the time the taller people make the most shots.


My hypothesis is that taller people will make a higher percentage of shots than shorter people. I base my hypothesis on my research that most of the time the taller people are the ones that score more.


IV: height of the shooter

DV: the shooting percentage

CV: ball, where they shoot

4 girls

Basketball and a basketball hoop

Measuring tape

Notebook and pencil


  1. go to the gym and grab a woman size basketball
  2. have 4 girls, 2 inexperienced and 2 experienced shoot the same basketball from the free throw line, the middle dash in between the block and the free throw line and granny style free throw.
  3. have the girls shoot at different times
  4. Record the amount of shots each girl made using tallies.
  5. repeat steps 2&3 10 times

Observations Log/Data

Katelyn made the most free throws and Jadyn missed the most free throws. The granny style and the dash between the free throw and block were extras and I based the person that won on the most made free throws.


The original purpose of this experiment was to see if height matters when someone shoots a basketball The results of the experiment was that Katelyn, 5’1 and does not play basketball made the most shots.

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My hypothesis was that taller people will make a higher percentage of shots. The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered correct. Based on the results of this experiment I can conclude that in my experiment, taller people make more shots. If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would use boys and girls and I would just do free throws.


Kalin Olson, Katelyn Pehrson, Jadyn Kinkaid, Tailynn Lawyer, Kim Forsberg (mom)