Multiple intelligence

By Jorgie and Jackie

What is multiple intelligence?

¨Harvard professor Howard Gardner has identified eight different types of intelligences that each individual has the capacity to possess. The idea of multiple intelligences is important because it allows for educators to identify differing strengths and weaknesses in students and also contradicts the idea that intelligence can be measured through IQ.

Linguistic Intelligence

The ability to use words effectively; Using spelling, grammar, and language correctly and effectively.

Logical Mathematical

The ability to work well with numbers and/or to be good at reasoning and logic.


The intelligence of pictures and images. The ability to visualize pictures or objects in one’s mind, the ability to create in 2 or 3 dimension abstractly.


The intelligence of the body or body parts (an example is hands), motor skills.


The ability to carry a tune, remember musical melodies, have a good sense of rhythm, and to enjoy and appreciate music.


The ability to understand and work well with people, to have good people skills.


The intelligence of self-understanding or self-knowledge, of knowing who you are, of knowing what you are good at and what you are not good at. Having a good sense of yourself.


The ability to identify and/or a sensitivity to natural forms (examples are, birds, flowers, trees, animals, clouds, geological formations).