Want to Earn Free Jewelry!!

Host a Jewelry Bar or Take-Out Menu Party

Hostess rewards are great!!

Option 1: All you have to do is invite your friends and family over to look at this great jewelry line. You get free jewelry and half-off items depending on amount ordered at your party and future party bookings I get at your party.
Option 2: Take a few catalogs and some order forms and put together a Take-Out Party. Gather at least 4 orders totaling at least $125 and earn free jewelry that way.

Of course the more orders you get, the more free jewelry and half price items you receive. It's really a great program and most ladies love to look at this jewelry line.

Also, please talk to me if you're interested in selling this great line of jewelry.

Build Your Own Living Locket

Build your locket to reflect your life, loves or maybe a tribute to a passed loved one. Build one for someone who might need encouragement as they deal with lifes issues.
Build one for your son/daughter to show your support at games or competitions.

The possibilities are endless, with our line of charms, tags and dangles. You create what you want, how you want it. Plus the lockets open so you can change charms out to fit to what your day holds in store. Whether it's a football game, church or a trip to the beach. You build it your way.