Battle of the Coral Sea

Moresby Port at Stake

The Battle of the Coral Sea occurred off the edge of Moresby Port. The Japanese were planning on destroying the port of Moresby to isolate Australia from the war. The American forces intercepted a message from the Japanese and sent air and naval strength to the port. The American forces planned on coming in with a surprise attack. When the Japanese arrived they were surprised to see the Americans waiting. The battle ended in a draw because the Japanese lost all their air force but the Americans lost all their navy force.

The Battle of the Coral Sea

Wednesday, May 7th, 8:45am

The Coral Sea

Effects of the battle

As an end result both sides were badly damaged. The Japanese had lost all its air support and two of its three carrier ships and the Americans carrier ships were badly damaged. Although there was a physical outcome the American soldiers gained emotional confidence. They had now been in a battle that gave them good training for the many to come.

Rear Adm. Frank J. Fletcher

Rear Adm. Frank J. Fletcher was in a large amount of control during the battle. He was the commander of the carrier Yorktown and the Lexington.