Drinking Whiskey could be Risky

Negative effects of Alcohol


Cirrhosis is when the liver starts developing scar tissues instead of healthy cells. Once the scar tissues develop, they begin to block the blood flow throughout the liver. This causes the processing of the nutrients and drugs in the liver to slow down and ruin it. This leads to insufficient health and fatal effects to the body. Cirrhosis is a long term effect of alcohol and can't develop by having one or two drinks.


Alcoholism (if you have alcoholism, use the link on alcoholism to find rehab center near you) can have many affects on you and your life. People who have alcoholism are called alcoholics. Alcoholism can cause both physical and psychological problems. Some of the physical affects are cirrhosis, (see above) many kinds of cancers, severe damage to neurons, which cause loss of appetite and change in body movements, and even death itself. The psychological affects include depression, personality changes, family problems, and suicidal thoughts and actions.

Brain Damage

Alcohol can damage your brain in many ways. The first effect is impaired memory. You might say something one minute and forget about it the next. The second effect is dulled senses. You might not hear or see anyone coming or you might not get the full smell and taste of food. The last effect is that it causes brain damage. This happens by the alcohol going into the brain and killing brain cells. Once a cell is gone, it can't come back. This could lead to your brain shrinking and many other effects.

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