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Vol. 2 Week of August 23-27

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Thank You For A Wonderful First Week!

Tiger Families,

Thank you for an AMAZING first week of the 2021-2022 school year. We want to extend a personal greeting to those of you who are new to Tomball ISD and welcome back those who are returning. We were so excited to open up our doors to students this first week as we celebrate all the possibilities a new school and year brings. We just want to thank everyone for all their patience and grace as we work through all the things a new school year brings. We are so glad to be partnering together with you to ensure the best for your child.

From Your Tiger Administration Team

Campus Hours

Our school doors open at 7:00 AM each day to let students in the building and lock at 3:00 PM each afternoon. Please make sure that your child is picked up by 3:00 PM each day.
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Lunch Drop Off Procedures

Starting this week we will be adjusting our lunch drop-off procedures. There will be 3 carts in the Vestibule labeled A, B, and C lunch. There will be sticky notes and pens to write down your child's first and last name and what lunch they have. Please put the sticky note on their lunch and place it in the proper lunch cart. Please make sure that you communicate with your child that you are dropping off lunch to them and you know what lunch they have. At the start of each lunch, we roll the carts to the cafeteria and students are responsible for picking up their lunch off the cart. We will call out names the first few weeks of school until students get the process down.

Lunch times are as follows:

A lunch: 11:32-11:57

B lunch: 12:00-12:25

C lunch: 12:30-12:55

Please drop off your child's lunch 15 minutes before their lunchtime begins to ensure that they get their lunch.

Item Drop Off Procedures

When dropping off items for your child, please make sure you have communicated with your child that the items have been dropped off at the front office. In order to maximize instruction and disruption in the classroom, students will not be called out of class to get their items. It is the student's responsibility to come to the front office during transition time, lunch time, or with teacher permission to retrieve their items. Please make sure that your child's first and last name is on the item(s) you are dropping off to them.
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If you were unable to attend orientation before school started or just missed the PTO table set up, it isn't too late to join. Please click this link to be the FIRST MEMBERS OF GRAND LAKES PTO.
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Mrs. Sumrall and Ms. Pasqua are working very hard on schedule change requests. They have had over 150 schedule change requests. Please be patient as they get these completed. If you were not able to complete a schedule change request form but your child would like to change their schedule please have them click this link to access a Google Form. They will need to make sure they are signed into their Google Account.

***Please keep in mind that a change in schedule is dependent on many factors, such as openings in courses and other courses in the student's current schedule. Unfortunately, not all requests can be accommodated. The counselor will notify the student if his/her schedule changes.***

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

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The car ride line as come along way from the first day of school! Parents you are doing a great job of keeping the car rider line movine.

Here are just a few reminders.

* Please do not stop at the front of the school to drop off/pick up your child. In order to maximize the number of cars we can fit in the car rider line it is important for you to pull all the way up to the curb that is going back out to the main road.

* In the afternoon the car rider line starts to fill up early. When the cars fill up all the way to the STAR as indicated on the map begin using the Grand Oaks parking lot. This prevents cars from blocking and backing up Cypress Rosehill.

* Fill up the first row in the Grand Oaks parking lot, once that is filed proceed to the next row, then the next etc.

* As a reminder, leave the entrances to the Grand Oaks parking lots open because there are times when elementary parents are trying to get to their school to check out a student early or drop something off.

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This first week in Tiger Den students watched a presentation on Tomball ISD dress code guidelines. Please refer to page 50 of the Tomball ISD Student Handbook for more detailed information on the dress code policy. This week we have just been having conversations with students out of dress code, but next week we will begin enforcing dress code. Please discuss the dress code with your child.

Please see this important message from Tomball ISD about hair/hair color...

Dress and Grooming (All Grade Levels) per Student Handbook:

“Hair should be clean and neatly groomed. It should not cover the eyes or be colored or styled in any way that is distracting to the learning environment.”

TISD interprets this statement as: hair must be a natural color. Because the issue of hair color has become a distraction on some campuses, we want to be consistent in our practice. We believe maintaining a natural hair color will help minimize distractions of this nature.

Here is a list of some dress code violations we have seen this week

* shorts, dresses, and skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh. Fingertip length is often a good reference for mid-thigh. Usually, if the shorts, skirts, or dresses are at finger tip length they will be long enough.

* earrings on boys

* shirts that do not cover the entire midriff

* facial hair

* hair longer than the shirt collar on boys and hair covering the eyes.

Students who are out of dress code will be given the opportunity to correct the violation whether they have an extra change of clothes or parents bring up clothes. Repeat offenders will receive consequences for dress code violations.

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*Cell phones shall remain silenced and in a backpack, locker, or secure area unless the classroom teacher authorizes use for instructional purposes.

*Cell phones shall not be used between class periods.

*Cell phones may be used before and after school and during lunch, as long as students follow TISD acceptable use guidelines

If a student uses a telecommunications device in a manner that violates the guidelines established in the TISD Digital Resources Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy or violates the cell phone policy, the device will be confiscated. The first time a phone is confiscated it is a warning and the student may pick up their phone at their designed AP Office. If a student's device gets confiscated a second time the parent will have to pick up the confiscated telecommunications device from the front office for a fee of $15

Please refer to page 52 in the Tomball ISD Student Handbook to read more on the cell phone policy and TISD acceptable use guidelines.

Students may wear AirPods/earbuds and headphones before/after school, lunch, and for instructional purposes in the classroom with teacher directives. They are not to be worn in the hall during passing periods due to safety concerns. If there was ever a safety issue the student may not be able to hear directives/instructions.

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Athletics Uniform Order Link and Fall Sports Schedules

Please click this link to order athletic clothing for your child. Each athlete is required to have at least 1 shirt/shorts set to participate in the athletic period each day. It is recommended to purchase a couple of additional pairs to fit your household laundry schedule. Athletes are responsible for taking clothing home to be washed.

Athletic sweats may be worn during cold-weather workouts, but are not required to be purchased. Athletes may bring sweats they own from home on cold weather days.

Store Closes August 25th.

Click Here for Girl's Volleyball

Click Here for 7th Grade Football

Click Here for 8th Grade Football

Tomball Memorial Silver Star Dance Clinic is Oct. 2nd

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