Hitlers Secret by William Osborne

By Keever Malloy P.6

The battle between life or death begins

The setting is in Europe 1942. The plot of this novel is the is a boy and a girl named Otto and Lenni embark on a top secret mission to defeat Nazism. Their code name was Wolfsangel. They must do this because it has destroyed Otto and Leni's family. It is a story about revenge with a little twist. Also, what if Hitlers legacy was in there own hands. The main characters are Otto and Leni. The supporting characters are the mom and dad because if they had not died, maybe Otto and Leni would not want revenge that badly. The historical event that occurred in my novel was the destruction of Germany. This Is a true historical event because Germany was really destroyed by Hitlers troops. Also, Nazism was a real thing that occurred in that time period. Another reason I can prove this is that. I found the data on Encyclopedia of World War II. One simile I found in my book was "The boy was running across his school's cobbled courtyard as fast as he had across the bullet riddled sands of Dunkirk a year ago". This Is comparing how fast he was running across the school yard to how fast he was running in Dunkirk. A metaphor I found in my book was " His accent had improved since Dunkirk, and he was almost a young man now". This is comparing how he talked in Dunkirk too how he talked now. A hyperbole I found was "And deal a blow to Fuhrer that will strike his very core". A example of personification I found was "Time is short". This is personification because time cant really be short. Five new vocabulary words I found: 1, gangplank: it means a plank used as a ramp to board or disembark from a ship or boat. 2, cobbled: It means a paved area or road way. An example would be "the road was cobbled". 3, scaffolding: it means a temporary structure on the outside of a building. An example would be " the building was built using scaffolding". 4, parapet: It means a low protective wall along the edge of a roof. An example would be " The building had a parapet. 5, cascade: It means a small waterfall. An example would be " the mountains were full of cascades.