Fifth Grade News, Butterfly Ridge

Check Out What is Happening in Fifth Grade

Language Arts

Fifth grade has been working on reading informational text related to science. Students have been learning how to take important notes, identify main ideas with supporting details, and writing summaries. Ask your child about wildfires or the growing amount of trash in the Pacific Ocean! In October we move on to reading literary text, and analyzing the characters of short fictional stories. For writing, classes have just begun to work on our first unit, writing personal narrative stories.


Fifth graders are working hard in math class! This month we have reviewed place value strategies to help us understand the patterns of multiplying with zeros. Students have worked on multiplying and dividing multi-digit whole numbers using different strategies, equations, and visual models. We have just finished unit one, and in October we will be working with decimals.


Science is keeping us busy with Earth’s Systems, thinking and learning about how we can protect the earth’s resources and environments. Ask your child about the amount of water on earth, and where our water resources come from!