Ethan and Jared's

Come to your local store for the best baseball gloves around

What do we make?

Here at Ethan and Jared's we make the best baseball gloves around! We use materials that are brought up here in the United States, we also manufacture our gloves in Charlotte, NC with other locations in New York, Chicago, and California. If you want the best quality and durability come to your local Ethan and Jared's today!


Our business is a partnership because Ethan and I own it together. We split working hours and also work together at times. Advantages: No income tax, low start-up costs, and a greater borrowing capacity. Disadvantages: Unlimited liability, disagreements between partners, and must have strong relationship.

If we entered a vertical merger, it would be like combining with Louisville Slugger baseball bats. It would create a larger and more profitable business.