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What We Do

We have the quaintest book store in town. "The Book Store" is literally a book store located 569 Awesomeness Road, Evans, GA. Our store is clean, organized, and cozy which makes you want to snuggle up with a book. We not only sell and rent off books, but house a selection a nick-knacks and what-not's from your favorite book series that you can buy for you favorite book nerd, but . Have a book you don't want anymore? We'll buy it off you. Our store takes a high priority to costumer service. We believe that with the right assistance we can help you find the perfect book. Staying for a while? Sit down and grab a book. We have a café in the back of the shop for a light lunch or toasty breakfast. You've probably heard of us in our commercials and on the radio, but even if you haven't once hearing about our products will surely convince you to come down.

Our Awsome Products

Our Hours

We are open from

8am.-7a.m Monday-Friday

10am.-3a.m. Saturday

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If you need anything or have questions about our products please be free to contact us. Any comments or complaints? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter. We also answer to Iris Messages for the demigods out there. If you want to directly contact the company who makes our products just call 789-446-2345.