Ms. Hannah's Class

December 14-18

NO PRESCHOOL Monday, December 14!

December 14-18

This is the last week of our Exercise unit! Our focus question this week is "What kinds of food/drink make us strong?" We will talk about healthy choices and not so healthy choices. We will refer to treats as 'sometimes foods'.

We will read:

  • My Busy Stomach by Lauren Taylor
  • Gregory the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat
  • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Elhert
  • The Gingerbread Man by Bonnie Dobkin

Our vote questions (one per day) will be:

  • Is milk a healthy choice?
  • Is cake an always food or a sometimes food?
  • Are vegetables a healthy choice or unhealthy choice?
  • Is candy important for your bones to grow?
  • What will you put on your gingerbread man? (gumdrops or m&ms)

Letters of the Week

This week we will learn about Y and Z!

Y tongue twister: Yetty the Yak enjoys playing with my yo-yo in your yard.

Z tongue twister: Zelda Zebra zips through the Zanzibar Zoo with a dozen pizzas.

Language Group December 14-18

Speech-Language Group- Dec 14-18, 2015

We will follow directions by giving a bell to a named peer and then placing our pictures in a container. We will follow directions putting one, two, or three named objects in a stocking and then recall what items were put inside the stocking. We will do the rhyme/fingerplay "Two Little Bells".

Two Little Bells

Two little bells on the big green tree,

(use pointer fingers to act out rhyme as indicated)

Ringing for you and ringing for me.

One rings high, one rings low.

One rings fast, one rings slow.

Two little bells on the big green tree,

Ringing for you and ringing for me.

Special Attendance...

Dear Parents: We are quickly approaching the end of our first Semester of preschool! If you have a child who will be transitioning to Kindergarten and you are considering any attendance options other than your child’s neighborhood school, it is important that you learn about transfer options. There are specific deadlines for applying for special attendance, and I wanted to share a resource with you, should you desire more information. Go to our District website ( and click on the “Parents” button at the top of the screen. Next, click on “Changing a Child’s School or District” on the left-hand side of the screen. You will now see all of the information regarding transfer options. Please note: the preschool team is not involved in the special attendance process. You will need to contact Central Office as indicated on the website should you have further questions. We simply want to make you aware of the deadlines that will quickly approach after we return from Winter Break and provide the website information should you have an interest in this topic.

I hope you and your family have a restful and relaxing Winter Break! We look forward to seeing our preschoolers in 2016! As always, please feel free to contact me with questions regarding early childhood. Sincerely, Kristy Feden, Supervisor of Early Childhood (

Save the Date!!! Gingerbread Cookie Decoration!!

Friday, Dec. 18th, 10:45am

1211 North Monroe Street

Papillion, NE

We are inviting parents to come decorate sugar cookies like gingerbread men! Due to limited space, please reserve this activity for you and your preschooler.

Morning Activity will start at 10:45. Morning Sign Up:

Afternoon Activity will start at 2:20 Afternoon Sign Up:

Questions??? Email me!