Brain Hemispheres

By: Tiffany Perry

Left Hemisphere

The left hemisphere of the brain is the logical side. If you are a person whos good at science or math, then our brain could mainly function on the left side. If you are a left side of the brain kinda person, you arent boring, your just more likely to think before you do something. Besides you don't have JUST the left side to rely on, you have the right side as well. Your probably also right handed because the left side of your brain is said to control the right side of your body.

Right Hemisphere

If you are a right brained person, no you won't always be right, your just more creative. You are probably really good at drawing, remembering song rythms, and more. Being a right brained person does't make you 100 percent the most creative person someone will meet. If you are a person who can draw really good, your probably right brained, but you also still have the left side of your brain.

Both hemispheres

A person has both the left and right side of their brain. They don't have full access to all of one side. You can be a logical person and a creative person, although maybe not at the same time. If your given the job of making a colorful poster for someone and they say "make it colorful", chances are your going to be creative. But if someone tells you to take notes on only the important things they say your going to listen and take notes, your going to think of the things they're saying to figure out the important things.