Ken Wills

Task 2.2 Courtney Heckels

Why did i choose Ken Wills to study?

I chose Ken Wills to study because he is local and a very inspiring successful entrepreneur. I also chose him to study because he made something so big out of nothing and built it up patiently and took it one step at a time.

What does Ken Wills do?

He does a multiple of things he...

Today he boasts a jet engine maintenance shop, a helicopter firm, a fire prevention company, a restaurant, a jewellery business and a radio station on the Isle of Thanet.

Ken Wills skillls and charateristics:

It was determination , hardworking, motivation, confidence, leadership, teamwork, confidence, risk-taker, charisma, communication and ambition to get him where he is today. Determination is believing and trying your hardest to succeed in what your trying to do. It also means you will carry on and try your hardest even when your failing.

Hardworking is a very important skill and characteristics because it insures that you will always work 100% to make sure your business up to its fullest abilities. Motivation is a very important skill because this allows you to carry on and believe in yourself that all the hard work will pay off. Confidence is enabling you to take control of things and presenting your business in a professional way which is very important to people who would want to invest into your business. Leadership is a good quality to have because to run a business it involves being in control. Teamwork is also a good skill because running a business includes working with other people and sharing your ideas, making you business the best it can be. Communication is a good skill because if you can't get your idea across a business in the correct manner then the business may fail. Being a risk taker is a good characteristic because it ensures your business can be the best it can be by taking risks that you could have missed it you were too scared. Being a Charismatic leader, you will have extraordinary skills in communication, compassion, communications and listening skills. This is a good characteristic because it ensure your business will be a success. Lastly Ambition is important as this mean you believe and want to succeed in everything you try to do, ambition is on of the most important skill and characteristics as 99.9% people with ambition businesses will be successful.