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Great Indian Fashion Designs that Get You Noticed

Advancement in styles and fashions helps women express themselves well and enhance their appearance. Advanced cultural and exotic clothing designs, combined with innovative embroidery have taken fashion to a completely new level. These designs include:

The Indo -Western Clothing

A “little bit of this and little of that” has become the trend and a very fashionable one that is the indo western style. The designers are at their best in ensuring that the modern Indian girl expresses herself thoroughly using dressing style. With advanced manufacturing and innovation, the prints on fabric have advanced, with impressions previously impossible now being made on them. This style of clothing is comfortable and free allowing the woman to get noticed without saying a word. The time to celebrate womanhood by marrying the west and east designs has come.

Harem Pants

They are considered loungewear. Being unisex there are several advantages in this dressing. First, they will blend well with almost all the dressing in your wardrobe. Secondly, they can easily be worn lower from hips, waist or even high waist. The lower end must not be at the ankles. Thirdly, the elastic waist or the draw cord in them allow for almost any body size. Lastly, they are very trendy and a definite plus to your wardrobe.

How to Choose Harlem Pants

These clothing’s are fit for anybody including short ladies, those with masculine thighs and wide hips. They give ladies a flattering fit. Dull colored designs such as black or grey tailored at the thighs can even be worn as office wear.

Skirts and Sarees

Choosing skirts and saree are vital considerations for every woman. Every woman can look great in a saree as long as they choose the right material, design and drape them well to compliment their body shapes. Experts in fashion and design will help you understand whether you have a pear shaped body, apple shaped, voluptuous, overweight, tall- slim or short slim. Knowing this helps in choosing a saree design that will draw attention where you want making you look perfect.

Salwar Kameez

It is well known that some women will prefer the designer salwar kameez to the saree. This is because this particular wear is very elegant, comfortable and better to manage. The latest designs of this fashion in the market are extremely comfortable and produce a stylish look. The elaborate embroidery and innovative design such as zari works, patch, thread, lace and gold works tells you that you must have it in your wardrobe.


These are great beachwear and beautiful designs are available that will bring out your best image at various online stores.

Handicrafts and handbags

Complementing handicrafts and handbags used to be rare in the market, but with the extensive variety available online, you will struggle no more. Remember you may dress well but the handbag can let you down. The wide variety of embroidery handbags especially from Megh Craft Enterprise, gives you a great room for choice and even rhyming your attire with your bag. While at the selection, you may also check the marvelous hand embroidered clutch purses that will also enhance your looks. Apart from that purchasing item is now easier than ever especially with online ordering systems whether in wholesale or as retail.