Cherokee Sport 1994

Why You Should Buy A Jeep Cherokee

Exterior design: A recent Jeep Compass Sport review will outline the bold new exterior that this vehicle offers. Make no mistake; you will enjoy many of the classic stylings that make this model exude the very essence of Jeep. However, this model also offers some impressive features such as chrome accents, bi-halogen projector headlamps, and power heated folding mirrors that give this vehicle its own unique look.

Luxurious detailing: Reading a new Jeep Compass Sport review will also outline some of the luxurious detailing found inside the cabin. Modern materials and soft touch fabrics lend an air of class and sophistication as soon as you climb inside. Additionally, you'll find decorative "Compass" badges in the interior that help this crossover make its own mark with drivers and passengers alike.

Creature comforts: Of course, no Jeep model would be complete without ample creature comforts. A current Jeep Compass Sport review will outline specifics such as easy to read and access levers, buttons and gauges, as well as the innovative Uconnect system as irrefutable proof that comfort and convenience is a top priority.

Off-road capability: Additionally, buying a Jeep Compass Sport means that you have discerning off road expectations. This vehicle offers Electronic Stability Control to keep your driving experience smooth and even, no matter what the terrain beneath your tires. Also, a Jeep Compass Sport review will discuss features such as a wide, sturdy stance, and Hill Side Assist that makes off-roading an easily obtained driving goal.

Safety features: Any current Jeep Compass Sport review will also detail some of the many safety features offered by this vehicle. Six airbags, door guard beams, and engineered crush zones make this crossover SUV well equipped to safeguard you and all of your precious cargo.

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