Dias fertiles

nombres de bebes

Know the fertile days with simple methods

Embarazo is a stage in which every woman has to go through this. But because of changing lifestyle, hormonal misbalance, and obesity are factors which stopped occurrence of embarazo . Most of the doctors suggested various treatment to solve infertility problems in male and female. Knowing dias fertiles is the best way to get pregnant. For this you should be careful about your menstrual cycle. At that time many changes happen in your body. Generally cycles last about 28 days but it can vary from person to person because everybody is different from other. But every menstrual cycle has two parts: before ovulation and after ovulation. And your most fertile days are two to three days before ovulation and after 12-14 hours after ovulation. This is the time when chances of pregnancy are very high.

But finding these dias fertiles is not easy. If you have cycle of more than 28 days than you cannot easily find the ovulation day. There are three simple methods which can help you to know your fertile day:-

1. Basal body temperature is one of the methods. You have to prepare a chart of you morning body temperature. This temperature should at-rest body temperature as soon as you awake. Generally it will remain same but at the day of ovulation you will find slightly high temperature.

· You can evaluate cervical fluid to know most fertile days. During your period, no cervical fluid is present. After the period, the vagina is dry and no cervical fluid is present. It then turns to a sticky/rubbery fluid. When this fluid becomes very wet/creamy/white that means you are FERTILE. And if fluid becomes slippery, stretchy, and clear like an egg white -- VERY FERTILE. After ovulation you will find no cervical fluid.

· Another is simple calendar method. If you have irregular cycle problem this method is best for you. You have to use this method for 8 months to one year. Check your calendar for the cycle with the fewest days. Subtract 18 from that number. Take this new number and, starting on day 1 of that period, count ahead that many days on the calendar. Draw an X through this date. The X marks the first day of your cycle you’re likely to be fertile.

With these simple methods you can easily know about your dias fertiles. For more details about embarazo and nombres de bebes you can visit www.tumaternidad.com