Saudi Arabia

Where good living is at.

Saudi Arabia - Etiquette

In Saudi Arabia men shake hands, or if they are close to someone and know one well they greet each other with a handshake and/or a kiss on the cheeks. women kiss and/or hug one another. When Saudis greet each other they take their time having nice conversations about normal, Daily things. if invited to ones house a small gift is in order for a thank you. in Saudi Arabia flowers from a man is not a good give, while women could give them as good gifts. they never give out alcohol unless sure one will take. their gifts are never opened when recieved.



They are located in the middle east, bordering Iraq 814 km, Jordan 744 km, Kuwait 222 km, Oman 676 km, Qator 60 km, UAE 457 km, Yemen 1,458 km. Their capital is Riyadh. They have a harsh climate, dry desert land with great tesmperature extremes. population is 25,795,938 including 5,576,076 non-nationals (July 2004). Saudi arabia occupies most of the arabian peninsuka, with the red sea and the gulf of aqaba to the west of the persian gulf to the east. Bordering the country is Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Emirates.