Everyone wants more time for lunch!


Why CHS needs longer lunches!

Students at CHS are highly involved in extracurricular activities, advanced classes, and clubs. This results in busy and exhausted learners. Students look forward to lunch because it's a time eat and talk to friends. When that time is mainly taken up by waiting in long lunch lines or studying in the library, lunch suddenly isn't so appealing. With a longer lunch, students will have time to eat, socialize with friends, and study.

Having a longer lunch is a plus for teachers too!

Like students, teachers have very busy and eventful lives that can sometimes be stressful and tiresome. With a longer lunch, teachers could have time to eat, socialize, or plan for future assignments.

How much more time do we need?

At CHS, students and teachers get 30 minutes to eat their lunch. When you include waiting in lunch lines and restroom breaks, it leaves about 10 to 15 minutes of actual eating. The government recommends at least 20 minutes to eat lunch. In order to enforce this, CHS lunches should at least be 40 to 50 minutes long.