Blendspace Challenge

Create and explore with Blendspace

Create Interactive lessons, projects, presentations and more using Blendspace

Your Mission:

1. Click on the video link below and review the getting started video.

2. Go to this link and create account/login as a teacher (Google account suggested)

3. Take some time to explore the Lessons Library. There are a lot of created lessons you could potentially use.

4. Find one you would like to use and choose "copy."

5. Adding content: You can use this lesson or create a new lesson

6. Explore the content option along the right side: YouTube, Google, Flickr, Weblink, Google Drive or upload file.

7. Add a few options to your activity or resource that fit your purpose.

8. Please share a link (via share) to this Padlet.

9. Using the Padlet will allow others to see ideas and thoughts for the tool.


  • Teachers should always sign in as a "teacher"
  • Insert questions/quiz following videos or other parts of your lesson.
  • Sharing via Google Classroom is suggested
  • Create classes and share class code
  • Collaborate with other teachers using the collaborate option.
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