Animal Farm !!

Alex Grindstaff

Napoleon !!

Napoleon the great, powerful and "always right" one or is that what he wants every animal to think? After Jone's left the farm because all the animals ran him out of town, Napoleon took his place as leader well after getting Snowball out of the way first. "...he personally congratulated achievement and announced that the mill would be called Napoleon Mill." is where the name cocky comes to place. He never does any of the work, but decides, because he is all that, that he should be credited for all the work. Napoleon even gave up the only animal who has a sense of hard work and right of mind to the butcher because he was ill/old. He lied to all the animals saying Boxer would be picked up by a professional vet when really it was his death call.

Dangers of being uneducated !!

Only pigs should be taught and have preparation of the future because they're the only smart ones on the farm. All the other animals are just supposed to be stupid and listen to who ever gives them orders ( meaning the pigs ). If all the animals become smart and start to realize some of the things Napoleon has been doing then riots/boycotts would start. Napoleon is trying to prevent that and besides he always has to be right, right? Reading and writing will let all animals have a chance to say/think the way to what to and have the right of say, but so far no one speaks a word.

Important event... !!

Animals can't walk, right? Well you're wrong on this one. The power and over all view of rule is getting to Napoleons' mind because trading with man and sleeping in beds is what you're not supposed to do. I guess rules are supposed to be bent. After communicating with the humans and realizing they aren't half as bad Napoleon starts to become one himself, but in animal form. Standing on hind legs are for humans and humans only! All the other animals are going back into the old way when Jone's was at rule, but i thought things were to be better and not the same?

Symbol or not? That is the question !!

What is a symbol? It is when one thing has a different meaning than to what it actually means. As an example, the pigeons would be one to explore. The pigeons is the book were used as messengers and to spy/snoop on what the other farms were up to. They symbolize, in the Russian Revolution, that many people on Hitler's side was used to gain knowledge of his enemies. Where they were sent i do not know, but my reason to pigeons being a symbol is simply because of the fact that they were told where to go and when to do so as the leader commanded.