Oprah Winfrey

By Ryan Solomon

Early Life

Oprah Winfrey was born in 1954. When she was 19 she attended Tennesee State University and in 1985 she started ''The Oprah Winfrey Show'' a show in which she hosted.

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Her Impact

She hosted ''The Oprah Winfrey Show'' and she also launched ''Oprah And Friends'' which was renamed to ''Oprah Radio'' in 2009 the ''Oprah Winfrey Show is still aired in more than 140 countries. Oprah Winfrey ended the show in 2011.

Fun Facts

Oprah Winfrey is currently 60 years old, Oprah Winfrey was an actress and was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. When Oprah Winfrey was 14 years old she moved out of her house and lived on her own, and at age six she moved to Milwauke with her mom who was a house-maid there. Her birthday is january 29th. At age 17 she won the miss black Tennesee beauty pageant and she was offered a job at WVOL.