Making money in the stock market

From the genius, Michael Foder

Results of the game

Overall in this game i made $2,053.91.

At the end of the stock market game i ended up in third place.

My stock purchase strategy wasn't very smart which obviously showed earlier in this game since i was placed in the twenties for most of the game.

continued information

Selling strategy- i didn't sell until the stock made me at least a little bit of money.

biggest money maker-My fed ex stock raised over $2 per share over night and i had over $4000 put into it.

biggest money loser-Nike made me lose the most money since it went down over $8.00 per share from when i bought it to when i sold it with over 1000 shares of Nike.

Trends i noticed throughout

I noticed that the more common company's seemed to be the toughest ones to make money from and seemed to make you lose money more often than not.

Resources i used were google and Alex Figueroa since when i was placed in the twenty's in the game which was most of the time even in the last week he gave me advice on what to buy and brought me all the way up to third place in just a couple of days.

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